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Salt Print Photographs(1800's era) from Hipstamatic iPhone portraits • David Norbut

Photographer David Norbut documents a behind the scenes look at his current series “Into the Wilderness of the Human Spirit”. Taking portraits from the Hipstamatic app on an iPhone 5 and making prints using the Salt Print Process from the 1800’s. The Series will be on display August 2nd at the Chris White Gallery in Wilmington, DE. for more info contact www.dnorphoto.com


If by any chance you are in Wilmington – Delaware, I suggest you check out his exhibition, it’s definitely one of a kind.



Supporting Around the World in 9 Days with Tiny Collective, we continue our weekly video series featuring Tiny Los Angeles’ David Ingraham (@dayzdandconfuzd on Instagram).


Typewriter Text on Image | Tutorial

Posted on August 11th, by koci hernandez in Apps, Blog, Tutorials, Video. 14 comments

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to blend text onto an image, using iPhone apps, Filterstorm, Polamatic, The Amazing Type-Writer and SquareReady. Also I show you how to get non-square images ready for Instagram.

vsco cam | Visual Company

Posted on July 27th, by Dan in Apps, Art, Art of the iPhone, Blog, iPhoneograhy. 1 Comment

If you are looking for a great color processing app, look no further. VSCO cam is a fantastic app, elegantly designed with great spectrum of colour Cross Processing technique is stunning and easy to tweak on the fly. Check it out.



The Right Camera App For Me and Maybe You

Posted on May 11th, by koci hernandez in Apps, Blog, Essentials. 9 comments

I’ve been interested in sharing a few observations about native iPhone camera replacement apps for sometime and I’m finally getting around to it now. Lucky for us there are a few new camera apps making vast improvements and I’m certain more are on the way. Before I get into the details of these apps I wanted to share a screenshot of my current favorites. This isn’t the first time I’ve shared my favorites and it won’t be the last. I move around photo apps on my favorites screen as often as a new photo app is born. Here is my current screen:


There continue to be a few staples for shooting, Hipstamatic and  ProCamera. Plus the old stand-bys for post processing, ScratchCam, King Camera,  Lo-Mob and Filterstorm. The rest are new to me and are fast deserving a spot on my favs list. Before I … Read More »

LoFiMode Wallpaper

Posted on March 29th, by Dan in Art, Blog, Free Stuff. 1 Comment

Hey guys,

A little something for your desktop background | LFM® Arts




Right click on the image to save 1600×1200 size wallpaper


Hipstamatic | Tips & Combos


Since we all have our favorite app to shoot with, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite combos of Hipstamatic. Being my camera of choice in almost all circumstances, I got to be around quite a bit so hopefully these tips will help you choose or find the right combination that suits your style.

To start with, I think it’s importnat to be aware of all the possible settings available in Hipstamatic.

Some people may not know that there are 3 settings for the picture quality.
Low, Medium & High.

Those 3 dots on the left side of your lens of choice are indicators to what size and quality of pictures you Hipstamatic will output. If you are a really fast shooter and you like to shoot as much as possible, you might want to compromise the quality of … Read More »

Is Our Photo Madness Creating Mediocrity or Magic? SXSW 2012 [with tutorial]

Posted on March 15th, by koci hernandez in Blog, Tutorials. 9 comments

I was honored to be part of an amazing panel at SXSW last week that included  Kevin Systrom Founder & CEO Instagram, Kristen Joy Watts, Sr Content Strategist, Mobile & Social Platforms Group R/GA and Verna Curtis Curator of Photography in the Prints & Photographs Division at the Library of Congress.

Panel description:
Over 100 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. There are 3.5 billion cameraphones in use around the world. Instagram reached 13 million users in just 13 months. We are nearing the end of what Philip Gourevitch of The New Yorker called “the decade in which the world went camera-mad…the decade where everything is depicted, and every picture must be shared.”This panel will address the many ways in which the rise of mobile photography is affecting how we express our creativity, and how we connect and communicate every day. BONUS: We’ll conclude … Read More »

iPhoneography: From Shooting to Storytelling

Posted on March 14th, by koci hernandez in Blog, Tutorials, Video. 2 comments

Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Photography-Photography-tutorials/iPhone-Photography-fro…

This iPhone tutorial titled “Welcome” is from the introduction of the iPhone Photography, from Shooting to Storytelling course presented by lynda.com author Richard Koci Hernandez. This specific tutorial is just a single clip pulled from a larger course on lynda.com. The complete iPhone Photography, from Shooting to Storytelling course celebrates the art of iPhoneography, describes how to shoot, enhance, and share photos with an Apple iPhone, and has a total duration time of 1 hour and 46 minutes.

To view more of this course on lynda.com, click the link above.

iPhone Photography, from Shooting to Storytelling table of contents:

Shooting on the Streets of Los Angeles
Using Apps to Enhance Your Shots
Storytelling and Sharing
The iPhone Photography Community
Bonus Chapter: 1197 Conference Sampler

Charles Berquist & Olympus iSpeed 3

Posted on January 15th, by Dan in Art, Blog, Camera, Technology, Video. 1 Comment

If you wonder how this was shot, search no more. The camera is an OLYMPUS iSpeed 3 that can shoot up to 2000 frames per second at 1280×1024 resolution. A relatively cheaper alternative to the PHANTOM camera.

While many critics find that this camera is more of a experimental toy more that anything else, I believe that this brings a fresh zest of creativity. A few very talented videographers such as Charles Berquist has already put it to the test as you can see in the video above.

The idea of high speed video shooting is not something new, but the fact that these great cameras are becoming more and more accessible to everyone it pushes me to believe that we will see a burst of videos such as this one in the near future. Really looking forward to see how people will make … Read More »

Vivian Maier • A hidden gem, discovered!

Welcome to our new section at lofimode.com! 

We created this section (Blog) in order to share with you some of our personal tips, inspirations, and discovery from the world of photography.
We look forward to your participation and comments.
LFM Team 

To start with, I decided to introduce you to a phenomenal photographer I have recently discovered who’s name will surely not be forgotten anytime soon. Vivian Maier born in New York  1926 by a French mother, her work completely shattered my world when I first saw it, but her story is even more beautiful. In fact, Vivian wasn’t a professionally trained photographer, but a nanny! Yes, a nanny and a housekeeper throughout her life. Her work stood hidden for more than half of century until  John Maloof, a real estate agent form Chicago bought a box form an auction repossessed storage locker for $400 and literally found himself … Read More »

We’re Presenting a Workshop at the 1197 Conference!

Posted on August 6th, by koci hernandez in Blog, Events. No Comments

We’ve teamed up with some awesome partners to bring you a workshop! 1197 is a one-day conference dedicated to mobile photography, presented by , Bolt | Peters,  Blurb and  Lofimode.com.

The first camera phone photo was taken on June 11th, 1997. In honor of that date, 1197 is a one-day conference dedicated to mobile photography, presented by Bolt | Peters and Blurb.



October 22nd, 2011 in San Francisco
Mission Bay – 1675 Owens St., SF
$50 to $99 early bird before Sep 1st!
By Bolt | Peters and Blurb


Odds this will sell out: Fairly high

Dan Cristea (@konstruktivist) and Richard Koci Hernandez (@koci) of Lofimode.com will be presenting a unique iPhoneography workshop focusing on creating unique photographic shooting and post processing techniques, using only iPhone’s and iPad’s. They’ll lead participants through a series of hands-on tutorials where participants will process images from their camera roll along … Read More »

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