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Hipstamatic | Tips & Combos

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Since we all have our favorite app to shoot with, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite combos of Hipstamatic. Being my camera of choice in almost all circumstances, I got to be around quite a bit so hopefully these tips will help you choose or find the right combination that suits your style.

To start with, I think it’s importnat to be aware of all the possible settings available in Hipstamatic.

Some people may not know that there are 3 settings for the picture quality.
Low, Medium & High.

Those 3 dots on the left side of your lens of choice are indicators to what size and quality of pictures you Hipstamatic will output. If you are a really fast shooter and you like to shoot as much as possible, you might want to compromise the quality of your Shots by decreasing the level. So the lowest setting is the one you may want to use. Since the app only allows 8 slides at a time before it gets totally jammed, the low quality setting might work in your advantage. That way you can keep shooting more and avoid the roll to be full.


Personally, I shoot less and since I’m still shooting with a 3GS I always use the highest setting possible, that way my pictures are as big as the can be. Also, sometimes I post process some of the images and I like to have a high quality picture that i can play around in different apps. If the picture will get resized, you want to make sure that you have the  highest quality possible.  I strongly recommend this setting if you like to “appstack”.

*Appstacking: When using the same images that gets processed throughout  multiple apps to personalize it to your own style. 





1. Lucifer VI + Nike AO DLX Film

For a extended period of time, this combo was and still is one of my all time favorite. The Lucifer lens has a very high amount of black saturation as well as strong vignetting around the border. I find it working very well in rainy and cloudy days since the blacks are so saturated the whites are as well. So in a very sunny day the contrast can be a tad too strong for this combination.

Here are some examples:

2. Lucifer + Rock B&W – 11 

This particular combo is probably one of the cleanest B&W setting you can find on Hipstamatic.  This film is also a highly saturated b&w film. On the contrary to the previous combo this film does not have vignetting and therefore the  results are closer to a regular b&w picture that could be shot with an alternative app. However, you still have a very contrasty result.

Here are some examples:

3. John S + US1776 (Americana Pack) 

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with this combination. I am a big fan of high contras grainy film and this happens to be right where I really like it to be. It works great in almost any time of the day and circumstances such as; (rainy, sunny, cloudy days)  Like the other b&w films form Hipstamatic, it’s still very saturated in blacks but when it comes to the whites the game changes a bit.

The whites in this case seem to be a lot more grainy compared to all the other films and the John S lens seems to work really well together. I’ve tried using the Lucifer VI but it’s not doing exactly what I’m looking for. I have to say that I’m really digging this combo, very much! I rarely shoot with anything else these days.

Here are some examples:

Tejas + Cano Cafenol

Last but not least, a color combo. Discovered by the awesome @Dopez <– Click to view her awesome feed.

It’s always good to get out of your comfort zone and try a few new things. When it comes to colours this is probably my favorite combination to shoot with. The wash off effect and desaturated RGB with a tint of green bypass is just lovely. I find it working really well in sunny days.

Here are some examples:

I hope that these little tips will help achieve the look & feel that you are looking for.




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