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Hueless | The black and white app on its way to making Ansel Adams proud

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As huge fan of black and white imagery, I immediately buy any b/w app in the store. I was extremely excited by what had to offer, black and white, NOTHING else, no BS just pure hueless imagery, with a live preview no less.

Once you open the app you’re greeted with a simple yet intuitive interface, if you’ve ever shot a picture with your iPhone you can easily figure out what the buttons are for, BUT there is an intriguing slider on the left side (in portrait mode) or along the bottom ( in landscape mode) that caught my attention and in my opinion the ultimate strength of this app.

It’s an exposure slider! Somebody can correct me, but I’ve never this this exposure slider in any other app, and I’m in love. In essence, it allows you to make live exposure adjustments to the image before shooting. Here’s how I used it:

Here’s how the scene was photographed without slider exposure compensation:

Here what it looked like after my dog Vincent turned around and I adjusted the slider:

And of course I saw the change in the live view before I snapped the shutter. It’s a great feature. In addition, Hueless remembers your settings between shots, even if you leave the app.  Hueless also incorporates color filters. It has has blue, orange, yellow, green, and red  filters. Don’t be fooled, these filters DON’T apply color to your image. Instead, they further adjust the tonal range of your b/w image, which you can see with the live preview. It also allows further color filter adjustment with an intensity slider.

That’s the good news. The flip-side is that the app isn’t without  it’s quirks.

First, I’ve noticed a bit of noise in the images. I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a slight grain effect or not. It’s not enough to bother me, but that’s me. Below is an example.

(Click on the image to get a larger view: Look in the sky for the ‘noise’)

Shooting with Hueless v1.0 was noticeably slow especially the refresh rate, which for a speed demon like me is an instant deal breaker. BUT the developer has proved extremely committed and responsive with an immediate update (v1.1) with noticeable speed improvements. The speed improvements were enough to keep it in my toolbox. It’s not the slowest camera app, but it’s not as fast as others. I’m sure it’s a tough coding job to even create this app, so I would expect some initial performance issues. But as long as there are updates, I’m cool. I have a feeling this will just keep getting better.

My intent here was to give you my initial impressions, if you’d like bon fide review you can find a great one by Marty Yawnick @



If you’d like to try the app for yourself for FREE, I have some REDEMPTION CODES to give away. The first 5 people to comment on this post will receive a code.


Happy shooting,





  Despite that, the mini-calendar at top left can be used to navigate to any particular date, and the arrow www.spyappsinsider.com/iphone-spy-app/ controls at top right allow you to scroll back and forward from day to day

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