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Is Our Photo Madness Creating Mediocrity or Magic? SXSW 2012 [with tutorial]

Posted on March 15th, by koci hernandez in Blog, Tutorials. 9 comments

I was honored to be part of an amazing panel at SXSW last week that included  Kevin Systrom Founder & CEO Instagram, Kristen Joy Watts, Sr Content Strategist, Mobile & Social Platforms Group R/GA and Verna Curtis Curator of Photography in the Prints & Photographs Division at the Library of Congress.

Panel description:
Over 100 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. There are 3.5 billion cameraphones in use around the world. Instagram reached 13 million users in just 13 months. We are nearing the end of what Philip Gourevitch of The New Yorker called “the decade in which the world went camera-mad…the decade where everything is depicted, and every picture must be shared.”This panel will address the many ways in which the rise of mobile photography is affecting how we express our creativity, and how we connect and communicate every day. BONUS: We’ll conclude with @Koci explaining how he builds his images and sharing a recipe toolkit for audience members to build their own.  #sxsw #photomad http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_IAP10645


It was exciting to close the panel with a 10 minute tutorial on how I ‘work-up’ an image before posting to Instagram. I re-recorded the my little ‘app dance’ for you to see, I hope you enjoy, more lengthy tutorials on the way!


I also promised to share screen shots from my phone that show the photography apps I have installed, so as promised, here you go:

Here is a list of my absolute favorite apps that I can’t live without:


Here is an excerpt of the panel I found on youtube:





9 Responses to “Is Our Photo Madness Creating Mediocrity or Magic? SXSW 2012 [with tutorial]”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Koci! That was a fun little tutorial!

  2. Koci says:


    Thanks for commenting!



  3. Dimitris Karathanos says:

    Wonderful little tutorial and enjoyed the youtube excerpt as well, altough it’s suddenly interrupted when you begin making an point on Filterstorm, which i would very much like to listen to.
    All in all, thank you for all the inspiration and great insight you keep bringing time after time on iPhoneography. Absolutely loved the latest Lynda.com video. Especially the part where you describe your style as “dark, gritty, kind of noir, I want you to feel like it’s the 1950’s most of the time. And that you picked up a photograph that was on the ground, that a hundred people stepped on”.
    I thought that was amazing :)

  4. Fabs says:

    Finally some tips about filterstorm!!! :) amazing!


  5. Fabs says:

    shame the audio on the conference is too low :(

  6. Will says:

    I think that photo editing apps empower people who want to be creative but traditionally didn’t have access to or knowledge of professional applications.

  7. […] the details of these apps I wanted to share a screenshot of my current favorites. This isn’t the first time I’ve shared my favorites and it won’t be the last. I move around photo apps on my […]

  8. ブログで良い仕事を続けます。大好きです。いくつかのより多くの頻繁な更新を使用していますが、私はあなたが私たちのすべてが行うように行うには良いか、他のものを持っていることをかなり確信している可能性があります。 :)nn1

  9. IVEをひび割れtrammps数回今、このサイトを訪問し、私は実際にはかなりexeptional見つけることを伝える必要があります。がんばり続けます!このライトアップと上のスポットnn1

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