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A Mobile R-Evolution | Show in Toronto

Posted on December 1st, by konstruktivist in Art, Art of the iPhone, B&W, Black & White Street Photography, iPhoneograhy. 4 comments

Photography is not simply about the tool. Regardless of your choice of camera, whether
it is a high end DSLR or a camera-phone, what matters is how you showcase your art
and tell your story.

For that matter, our stories are told with a device that today almost everyone has
access to. The camera phone that sits in your pocket and is carried with you
everywhere you go, has not only revolutionized photography for years to come, but
has created a strong and diverse art movement, along with extremely connected and
creative communities around the world.

Through the threshold of such social media outlets as Instagram, Blurb Mobile, EyeEm a wide range of people from young and old, to professional and amateur, have suddenly found themselves at the crux of a creative revolution.
Mobile photography – high-end cameras in your cell phone – has increased the ability to
capture moments easily, … Read More »

LoFiMode Wallpaper

Posted on March 29th, by konstruktivist in Art, Blog, Free Stuff. 1 Comment

Hey guys,

A little something for your desktop background | LFM® Arts




Right click on the image to save 1600×1200 size wallpaper


Hipstamatic | Tips & Combos


Since we all have our favorite app to shoot with, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite combos of Hipstamatic. Being my camera of choice in almost all circumstances, I got to be around quite a bit so hopefully these tips will help you choose or find the right combination that suits your style.

To start with, I think it’s importnat to be aware of all the possible settings available in Hipstamatic.

Some people may not know that there are 3 settings for the picture quality.
Low, Medium & High.

Those 3 dots on the left side of your lens of choice are indicators to what size and quality of pictures you Hipstamatic will output. If you are a really fast shooter and you like to shoot as much as possible, you might want to compromise the quality of … Read More »

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