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Tiny Collective and the Impossible Project present: AROUND THE WORLD IN 9 DAYS WITH TINY COLLECTIVE: A TOURING INSTANT LAB MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION New York City / Paris / Toronto / Los Angeles / Istanbul / San Francisco / Atlanta / Dubrovnik / Portland // June 20, 2013 -June, 28, 2013 //

•A nine city touring mobile photography exhibition shot exclusively on iPhone and printed with Instant Lab
•Each of the nine shows in the tour will be curated by Tiny Collective
•The tour will feature the original mobile street photography of all 10 Tiny Collective members
•Every show in the tour will consist of 100 unique images, no show will be the same
• As presenting partner The Impossible Project will anchor their worldwide launch of Instant Lab to Tiny Collective’s existing pool of content
•This partnership will showcase the artistic scope of … Read More »

2012 Toronto NXNEi Workshop & Presentation

Hi guys,

As mentioned on IG, this year I will be at North By North East NXNEi presenting a quick 1 hour workshop talking about Mobile Photography. I will cover subjects such as creativity & inspiration, techniques and basic & fundamental rules of photography as well as the advantages of the medium and much much more.

1st part

On June 12th from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

• NXNEi – SHOOTER CULTURE with Bram Timmer 

Please visit this link for more info:

2nd part

SX-70 & Silver Shade | The Impossible Project

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Lately I’ve been totally hooked on the SX-70 Polaroid and the Silver Shade Film from The Impossible Project.

Always been a fan of Polaroids, I was very happy to have found this amazing SX-70 Polaroid Land camera in
mint condition. So I got a couples of films form the impossible project and the game was on!

Took a wile to get used to the sensibility of the film . The PX 600 Silver Shade is extremely UV sensitive!
To neutralize & diffuse the light, you need to put a ND filter in the cartridge & it is highly recommended to use
a Shade (Tongue)  as well.

But form what I see now, they seem to have upgraded some of the products line, so something better might be out
already. Check it out! I did went through a few films (with frustrations)  just so I get a feel of how the film … Read More »

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