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Video Tutorial: Building an Image Collage

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A unique iPhone video tutorial. I’ll bet you’ve NEVER seen anything like this before! With some iPhone magic, you’ll be able to see ‘live’ through the viewfinder as I snap images and process them on my phone.

The above video is only a sample, scroll down to purchase the full tutorial

In our first tutorial I’ll be showing you my favorites apps of the moment, walking you through the importance of locking your exposure for optimum image results and how to build an image collage like the image below.

Author: Richard Koci Hernandez
File Format: .MOV [Download]
Running Time: 36 minutes




You want us to pay for this?


Hear us out.


This isn’t about putting money in our pocket. This reason we’re charging is simple. We want to create and host a mobile photography workshop we’ve named The Momentum Workshop in New York City.

Excerpt from The Momentum Workshop Proposal:

Keeping in mind that this event would be a first of a kind, it provides
an incredible opportunity to connect, gather and learn in ways that
we have never witness before at a global scale by bringing together
some of the most significant and influential mobile photographers of
today, with the purpose of improving key creative skills, sharing ideas,
demonstrating the use of artistic apps, and learning together in a fun
and dynamic environment.

Obviously making this dream workshop a reality requires economic resources. That’s where the $1.99 price tag for our video tutorials comes into play. You’ll be helping support the creation of this unique workshop and learning some cool stuff along the way.

But wait there’s more! Along with every paid tutorial we’ll be creating a FREE tutorial as well. You can find them

Thank you for your support, enjoy!

-LoFiMode Team




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