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Vivian Maier • A hidden gem, discovered!

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To start with, I decided to introduce you to a phenomenal photographer I have recently discovered who’s name will surely not be forgotten anytime soon. Vivian Maier born in New York  1926 by a French mother, her work completely shattered my world when I first saw it, but her story is even more beautiful. In fact, Vivian wasn’t a professionally trained photographer, but a nanny! Yes, a nanny and a housekeeper throughout her life. Her work stood hidden for more than half of century until  John Maloof, a real estate agent form Chicago bought a box form an auction repossessed storage locker for $400 and literally found himself sitting on a goldmine. The box contained 30,000 negatives which only 1000 have seen the light of the day so far. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Her body of work contains over 100,000 pictures which have not been seen by anyone yet. Without a single doubt, she has become one of my all time favorite photographer’s and I cannot wait to see more! A true gem!!


You can also visit the KickStarter project page to see more about her books and movie that is in process at the moment and much more links.

Slideshow presentation by John Maloof @ powerHouse Books in Brooklyn.

There will also be a show of her work @ Howard Greenberg Gallery which opens December 15, 2011

Alos, there is a great series of 3 slideshows on YouTube with her work which I strongly recommend.



10 Responses to “Vivian Maier • A hidden gem, discovered!”

  1. frozen_embers says:

    wow!!! her photos are amazin!! thank you for sharing!! :)

  2. roamingshutterbug says:

    Amazing story and fantastic photographs! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. Crispin says:

    Dan. VM is astonishing. I am lost in her vision, could live inside every single frame. Easily. THANKYOU for posting this. where is the NYC show?

    • konstruktivist says:

      I’ll gather more info regarding her show in Dec. I think it’s the week of 15th of Dec. 2011 I badly wanted to go see it but unfortunately plans have changed a bit. Will keep you posted!

  4. David Ingraham says:

    Remarkable! What a find! I’d recently read about her ( American Photo Mag? ) but had yet to really explore her work. Amazing! So glad her work was discovered.

  5. Chris Lae says:

    This is just simply amazing. A find like this is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of photography. Thank you SO much for sharing this!

  6. instatone says:

    funny how VM’s name started suddenly coming up all at once – I love her and agree w/ Crispin that she’s got it goin on

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